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Storage Solutions for a More Flexible Grid

Flexible Capacity

Utility-Scale Energy Storage Technology
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Compelling Cost and Operational Advantages
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VIDEO: Watch PBS NOVA host David Pogue as he explores flywheel energy storage with Amber Kinetics’ co-founder Dr. Seth Sanders. Aired Feb-1-2017.

VIDEO: Introduction to Amber Kinetics

Compelling Value, Tested Technology: Commercial Kinetic Energy Storage System (KESS)

Key advantages of Amber Kinetics’ four-hour duration Kinetic Energy Storage System vs. chemical storage include unlimited cycling, zero degradation and a 30-year design life. Our all steel flywheels pose no risk of chemical fire, contain no hazardous chemicals, and are composed of readily obtainable materials. O&M is minimal. Amber Kinetics’ commercial products offer safe, economical and reliable energy storage for:

  • Customers in rapidly expanding utility-scale energy storage markets around the globe
  • Developing and island regions and nations with high electricity costs and unreliable grids
  • Mission critical military, industrial and commercial micro-grids
  • Cell phone infrastructure in remote locations or extreme climate conditions

The flywheel energy storage system is similarly uniquely suited to utility-scale applications including:

  • 4-Hour Flexible Resource Adequacy
  • Load-Shifting / Peak-Shaving
  • Ancillary Services such as Frequency Regulation
  • Renewable Firming
  • Spinning Reserve
  • Micro-grids

Happy Earth Day 2019!

Every day is #EarthDay2019 at Amber Kinetics since unlike a battery storage system, our safe, sustainable four-hour Kinetic Energy Storage System (KESS) contain no chemicals. As a result, there is no risk of fire or requirement for gaseous or chemical fire suppression...

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